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Marsilians will be able to perform, improvise and create.


Developing the music and art potential in pupils to provide them with the appropriate skills to appreciate and participate in the Arts.


  • Marsilians to have basic literacy in music.


The six-year music programme at Marsiling Primary School provides all students with opportunities to pick up, build and hone various music skills while being exposed to different genres of music and instruments. Through the curriculum, students learn to appreciate the diversity of cultures in our world.

Main Programmes:

  • Levels P1-P4: Engaging With Songs, Our World Through Songs

Students from Primary 1 – 4 are exposed to a variety of songs from all over the world. Besides experiencing, conceptualizing and applying the various musical elements and skills, students are also inculcated into the socio-historical and cultural background of that particular country based on the song.

  • Levels P5-P6: GarageBand – ICT Music

Students in Primary 5 and 6 improvise and compose music using technology. Employing the use of iPads, students are empowered to make musical decisions in their improvisation and compositions based on their prior knowledge (from Primary 1 to Primary 4) of the various musical concepts and elements.

In Curriculum Enrichment AMIS Programmes:

  • Level P1: Movement through Music

Students discover how to make use of their body and spaces around them to create dance moves in response to different types of music they hear in this module.

  • Level P2: Singing (Voice Exploration)

Students go through different vocal exercises and song games to learn how to project their voice and pitch accurately. They also learn good singing and breathing habits in this module.

  • Level P3: Fun with Percussion!

Students will be exposed to a myriad of percussion instruments and learn how to play on them. They will also learn interlocking rhythmic patterns and play as an ensemble.

  • Level P4: Beatboxing

Students will be exposed to beatboxing, a form of vocal percussion whereby the drum beats; rhythm and musical sounds are produced using one’s mouth, lips, tongue and voice.

  • Level P5: Ukulele Module

Students embark on a ukulele module and pick up different strumming patterns / techniques, master the basic 4 chords (C, G, Em and F) and gain confidence performing in front of an audience.

  • Level P6: Cajon Module

A Cajon is a box-shaped percussion instrument which originated from Peru. In this module, students will be taught how to play on the instrument – by slapping the front or rear faces (generally thin plywood) with the hands, fingers, or sometimes various implements such as brushes, mallets, or sticks. They will also be exposed to simple Latin American, Mexican folk and Cuban rumba rhythms in this module and learn how to perform as an ensemble.

Talent Development: Music MasterClass

Students who show potential from the ‘In Curriculum Music Enrichment Programme’ will be identified and invited to attend Music MasterClasses planned for the respective levels. These sessions are the intermediate level of the Music form that they have experienced during their Music lessons.

  • P1: Movement through Music
  • P2: Singing (Voice Exploration)
  • P3: Fun with Percussion!
  • P4: Beatboxing


Platforms for students: Through a number of platforms supported by the school, students have various opportunities to explore, to experience and be enhanced in their performing capabilities. Year after year, there is an increase in the number of participation in the different platforms and Marsilians are gaining confidence in performing on the various stages.

Levels P3-P6:

  • Busking in the Light: Marsilians are encouraged to perform for one another in a non-competitive environment and “Busking in the Light” provides them with this opportunity to do so. “Busking in the Light” takes place regularly once a week during the students’ break time. The staff and students of MPS enjoy the regular busking performance that takes place at the canteen.
  • SGnation: “SGnation” is a yearly event whereby students express their love for our nation through Singapore patriotic songs. Auditions for all participants and mentoring sessions for all finalists will be carried out before the finale performance during the school’s National Day celebration.

Levels P1-P6:

  • Arts Fiesta: Marsilians get to showcase their talents and celebrate their learning in the Arts in this annual year and event. Parents of performers are invited for this event to watch and witness their child’s performance or art works.


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