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Physical Education

Physical Education



Maximum Opportunity via a Robust Experience


  • Develop the social, emotional, psychomotor and cognitive aspects of all Marsilians through the engagement of physical, aesthetic and outdoor activities.
  • Inculcate in all Marsilians life-long passion, interest and enjoyment to lead a physically active and healthy lifestyle.


  • For Marsilians to:
    • Keep fit and enjoy sports and games
    • Be confident in water
    • Participate in at least 1 Inter-Class Game
    • Enjoy the company and play with all students
    • Be creative and resilient
    • Develop discipline and loyalty
    • Be prepared for CCAs secondary schools



P1 Rope Skipping Skipping is the key to develop the ABCs (agility, balance, co-ordination) necessary to enjoy a variety of sports and games. Students will get to experience different elements of rope-skipping –long rope challenge, partner skipping and even skip to the tempo of popular music.
P2 Athletics Majority of children have been interested in competing with each other and seek comparison with others. Athletics with variety of events such as run, throw and jump, provides an excellent opportunity for this type of peer interaction.
P3 SwimSafer In SwimSafer, students will learn the basic water skills required to be able to swim. With the guidance of qualified instructors, they will gain confidence and develop independence in the water, as well as learn general and deep-end water safety. In addition, our students will learn techniques like forward and backward movement, safe entry and exit, and introduction to personal water survival skills.
P4 Inline Skating Inline skating is commonly called “rollerblading”. An introducing to rollerblading that aims to provide students with the necessary skills to be able to skate safely and responsibly. Through this programme, students will develop psychomotor skills that would improve their strength, flexibility, balance and coordination and at the same time, have fun with friends.
P5 Leadership and Adventure Camp The Leadership and Adventure camp is an exciting and adventurous programme that is filled with team-bonding games and activities; it challenges the students to strive and unleash their potential to excel in their studies and life. Activities like high rope elements, trail walk; problem-solving situations and rock climbing will bring out the best in the students and ultimately forge strong bonds among the students and teachers.
P6 Archery Archery is a great sport for boosting students’ mental and physical health and fitness. Archers require not only some physical strength, it also needs mental fitness and archers develop their focus, flexibility and attention skills. The sport can be extremely dangerous if students are reckless. Archery teaches everyone to be responsible for one another and also for the equipment they are using.


School Events:

The PE / CCA Department also organizes annual events to provide the students of Marsiling Primary School with a more wholesome and enjoyable learning experience with the school. Such events include Lower Primary Games and Inter-Class Games. To ensure that all students develop the habit of exercising for a healthier lifestyle, the department also conducts weekly mass aerobics session with the whole school.

  • Levels P1-P2: Lower Primary Games

Students from Primary 1 and 2 are exposed to a variety of fundamental movements and manipulative skills during their PE lessons. During the Lower Primary Games, all P1 and P2 students will showcase what they learnt in front of their parents. Before the end of the games, parents were also invited to participate in the parents and child race.

  • Levels P3-P6: Inter-Class Games

Students from Primary 3 to Primary 6 will have an opportunity of representing their class to participate in the Annual Inter-Class Games. The games aims to provide opportunities for building a stronger teacher-student relationship and also promote the importance of engaging in sports and games activities. Inter-Class Games are often conducted after the semestral examination. The games include a wide range of sports such as soccer, captain’s ball, volleyball and Tchoukball.

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