Academic Issues

Q: When will the school go on Full Home-Based Learning (HBL)?
A: Full HBL will start on 19 May 2021 and last until 28 May 2021.

Q: Will my child be spending the whole time in front of the computer during HBL?
A: HBL is a mixture of online and offline work. Online work can be assignments on SLS or live teaching done by teachers. Offline work includes doing assignments on the respective subject workbooks. Most importantly, there will be aesthetics (PE, Art & Music) work assigned to them as well.

Q: Where can I find the work assigned for the day?
A: The weekly schedule will be uploaded on go.gov.sg/mps-hbl. If you are not able to access the site from overseas, you may contact your Form Teacher.

Q: Why is there no Zoom lesson today?
A: Not all days require students to use Zoom or other video conferencing apps. The weekly schedule will list the different types of work assigned for the week.

Q: My child is unable to complete the work at the stipulated timing due to siblings using the laptop. My child is only able to complete HBL after I have come back from work. Help?
A: Students are encouraged to finish their work at the given timing to build a routine. However, if that is not possible due to the above mentioned reasons, finishing their work at a later time is fine as well. Do take note of not allowing uncompleted work to snowball.

Q: My child did not manage to complete today's assigned work. Does it still have to be completed the next day?
A: Yes, better late than never. And since learning never stops, don't let a missed deadline prevent the child from learning.

Technical Issues

Q: I cannot log into SLS. Help?
A: If you have forgotten your password, do contact your Form Teacher or contact the school at 6269 6193 and inform them of the issue.

Q: My SLS account is locked. Help?
A: Do contact the school at 6269 6193 so they can unlock your account. Unfortunately, a locked account doesn't mean one doesn't need to complete the assigned work.

Q: I have typed the correct password but still cannot log in. Help?
A: The password will usually contain a mixture of lower and upper case letters. Do ensure that you did not accidentally tURn ON your cAps lOCk by mistake.

Q: I cannot open some assignments or I cannot view them properly. Help?
A: Do ensure that you are using Google Chrome when using SLS. Some functions are not available on Internet Explorer. 

Q: I cannot record my audio response on SLS. Help?
A: Audio responses may not be compatible with some phones or iPads. 

Q: I do not have a laptop/ not enough devices to support my children's learning during this HBL period. Help?
A: The school is able to loan out laptops for families who require the additional support. Do contact the school for more details.