E-Open House 2021


Welcome by Principal

A warm welcome and introduction of Marsiling Primary School by our Principal, Ms Cheryl Chee.

In Conversation with...

See and experience Marsiling Primary School from the lens of i) our lower primary student, ii) our Head Prefect, iii) an ex-Marsilian and our iv) lower primary teacher, to find out how we nurture every Marsilian to Learn.Lead.Serve@MPS. 

 i) Zhu Aiyun, 2 Respect 

ii) Shobbhania Giridharan, Head Prefect, 6 Respect 

iii) Tan Yan Tong, Ex-Marsilian, Class of 2014 


iv) Miss Clara Chang, Lower Primary Teacher

Joy of Learning

The Marsiling Experience is designed to maximise the potential of every student and imbue in them a joy of learning. Watch this short clip to see what our students enjoy doing in school! 

You may also click on the department pages on the left menu bar to find out more about our signature school programmes and department activities. 

School Tour

We believe in providing a vibrant physical environment that promotes student learning and encourages your child to explore learning beyond the classroom. Take a quick tour here!

Choosing a Primary School and P1 Registration

Choosing a school for your child depends on a balance between their needs and your preferences. The primary school years are important as they are foundational to your child’s learning. To learn about the different considerations and details on P1 Registration, please visit https://www.moe.gov.sg/primary/p1-registration/how-to-choose-a-school.


To find out more about registering your child in Marsiling Primary School, you may email Mr Nick Chan at chan_hong_wei@schools.gov.sg or Ms Candy Wong at wong_hiu_fung@schools.gov.sg.

Thank you

We hope that you have enjoyed The Marsiling Experience and we look forward to seeing your child in our school in 2022!