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Principal's Message/Foreword


On behalf of everyone at Marsiling Primary School (MPS), I would like to extend a warm welcome to all new students, and wish all parents, guardians and students a fulfilling year ahead.


2018 marks a significant milestone in our school’s history. Established in 1958, Marsiling Primary School has one of the longest history in the Marsiling/Woodlands area. Over the years, our staff have worked hard as a team and brought about significant improvements in both student and organisational outcomes. Our belief, as reflected in our school motto Ilmu Suluh Hidup (Knowledge Lights Up Our Lives), that all children can learn and all our students are talented in their own special way, has not changed. We will continue to provide a broad range of experiences and opportunities for every student to enjoy learning, discover their strengths, pursue their interests and develop a sense of compassion for those around them.

In 2018, our students can look forward to upgraded physical facilities and a more conducive learning environment - a refurbished school hall and new learning spaces around the school that promote self-directed learning and student leadership development, just to name a few. In their classrooms, we will make thinking visible by adopting a common language for each subject that encourages students to ask deeper questions and internalise key ideas, and make learning more meaningful and engaging for all Marsilians.

As we celebrate 60 years of developing young minds and talents, we remain steadfast in nurturing responsible learners and compassionate leaders who can learn, lead and serve . I challenge all Marsilians in 2018 to continue to demonstrate the  3Ps in school Pay Attention (during lessons), Participate Actively (in all school activities) and Persevere (in the face of difficulties or when they encounter a problem) . I urge them, too, to continue to practise the  3Rs at home – Read, Revise and Relax – everyday, and turn these practices into habits and a way of life so that they can continue to enjoy learning beyond their primary school years. We believe that by adopting a growth mindset, our students can embrace challenges, be resilient in overcoming obstacles, and will put their best effort to excel in all that they do.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all parents for their partnership in education in 2017, and for working together with us to bring out the best in their children. We look forward to another year of partnering our parents and the community to reinforce the values that we teach our students in school, and equip them with useful lifeskills to support them in realising their aspirations. Together, as #ONEMPS , we can help every Marsilian to achieve and succeed.


Miss Cheryl Chee