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School Values

What Does R3.I.C.E. Mean to Us?


• I speak politely to everyone.
• I have good mannerisms.
• I greet teachers and friends.
• I show courtesy and graciousness to everyone.
• I listen respectfully when others are speaking.
• I am non-judgemental.
• I weigh my words carefully before speaking/responding to others.


• I take responsibility for my own actions.
• I look after the school propertyies.
• I follow my class and school rules.
• I am responsible for my own belongings.
• I do the right things when no one is looking.


• I think positively.
• I never give up.
• I persevere when faced with challenges.


• I am truthful and honest.
• I return things to the rightful owners.
• I own up when I have done wrong.
• I encourage everyone to do the right things.


• I ensure my own attire is neat and smart.
• I clean up my own table.
• I arrange the books and worksheets in my own bag.
• I take care of my peers.
• I take the initiative to help my peers.
• I take the initiative to plan and carry out activities to promote community service or environmental awareness.


• I do my best.
• I strive to be better at what I do.
• I am cooperative.
• I am synergized.