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Values In Action

At Marsiling Primary School, we believe in providing our pupils with a holistic education. We hope that by getting
our pupils involved in the community and providing rich experiences, Marsilians can develop as socially responsible
citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community. Through the learning and application of values, knowledge and
skills, we hope that our pupils will have greater social awareness and become compassionate leaders.

As a Marsilian, you will have the opportunity to learn and contribute to the community via programmes shown in the table
featured below. We hope that  you will always bear in mind our school values, Respect,
Integrity, Commitment & Esprit de Corp (RICE) and practise these values
in all the activities that you participate.


  • Primary 1: Adopt our school compound activity.
  • Primary 2: Adopt our school compound activity.
  • Primary 3: Waterway.
  • Primary 4: Seashore Life Programme / Coffee Project Project.
  • Primary 5: Home visits to Sunlove neighbourhood link / Fund raising activities.
  • Primary 6: Fund raising activities.

How can you make your VIA experience a better one?

These are some suggestions that you can follow:

  • Be engaged at all times.
  • Do not be afraid to take the initiative to help others.
  • Practice our school values.
  • Reflect on the learning experience by

1) Sharing with a friend your experience.
2) Write in your diary.

  • Have a better insight of the organization through research and reading and understand the needs of the organization.




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