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English Language


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The English Language Department aims to:

·       promote the joy of learning English Language through fun and meaningful programmes,

·       instill the love of Reading through different strategies

·       develop our pupils to be confident and articulate speakers


Our English Language Programmes at a glance



Pri 1

Pri 2

Pri 3

Pri 4

Pri 5

Pri 6


To Promote Joy of Learning

EL Fiesta

Joy of Reading







Speech & Drama


Little Red Dot

Creative Writing


Little Red Dot

Critical Thinking


Little Red Dot

Little Red Dot


STrategies for English Language Learning and Reading (STELLAR)

School-based Strategies and Resources

Learning Support

Learning Support Programme


P1 Bridging Programme

School-based Dyslexia Programme (SDR)

Reading Remediation Programme (RRP)



STrategies for English Language Learning and Reading (STELLAR)


STELLAR and STELLAR 2.0 aims to strengthen pupils’ language and reading skills as well as promote a positive attitude towards learning through exposure to various text types and teaching strategies. The key strategies used in the lower primary classrooms are the Shared Book Approach (SBA), Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA) and Learning Centres (LC). As for middle primary levels, the key strategies used in the classrooms are Supported Reading (SR), Process Writing, Peer Conferencing, Know-Want to know-Learnt (KWL) and Retelling.


Lower Primary Strategies:



Upper Primary Strategies




Joy of Reading

To instill a love of reading and develop avid readers, we have organised a series of programmes to engage our pupils in reading. Besides Our Reading Wonderland (school library) which is an interactive hub promoting reading through thematic book displays, book sharings and literature quizzes, there are also weekly reading periods promoting different book genres and an uninterrupted reading time. We also provide a wide variety of reading resources such e-books on myON online reading platform, P1 graded readers series and news articles on Little Red Dot. Pupils will complete reading interest profile survey at the beginning of year and select books of their interest. They will reflect on the books that they have read through book reviews and reading extension activities.




EL Fiesta

EL Fiesta is a celebration of English Language Learning. Students will learn about the various genres through various fun activities such as role-playing, word games, recreating characters and writing stories based on the genre. Teachers join in the fun as characters from story books and bring students into the world of books. At the same time, students at the various levels will have the opportunity to showcase their talent through Choral Reading, Readers’ Theatre and Speech and Drama


Text Box: Teachers role-playing the characters from stories.


Text Box: Our P1 pupils performing Choral Reading.


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