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Every Marsilian, A Future-ready and Responsible Digital Learner


Equipping every student with the literacies to curate, create and connect with others, to enable them to thrive in the new contexts of learning.


ICT Baseline Skills and New Media Literacies

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Our students will learn to:

  • Apply digital tools to locate, collect and select information for present and future use in a principled manner.
  • Navigate within and across digital sources to check and make judgement on the quality and usefulness of the information for decision-making or problem-solving.
  • Use digital creation tools to craft, modify and combine different modes of information for personal or group expression.
  • Use digital communication tools to participate in the exchange of information or ideas synchronously and asynchronously.

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The Code for Fun Enrichment Programme is offered to all P6 students. The programme includes learning of computational thinking concepts using visual-based programming language, combining it with robotic kits and/or microcontrollers, to create an engaging coding experience for the students.

The Code for Fun Enrichment Programme aims to:

  • Facilitate the exposure of a large base of students to coding and computational thinking; and
  • Help build an entire generation of workforce inculcated with basic coding and computational thinking skills.
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