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Student Leadership

Student Leadership Development Programme (SLDP)

Vision: Leaders who serve with the Heart, Head and Hands.
Mission: To develop self-directed, confident, resilient and compassionate leaders of the future.

At Marsiling Primary School, we believe that every pupil can be a leader. We hope that by providing leadership training to all pupils, Marsilians can take the lead to do the right thing, to make the right choices and decisions based on sound moral values to help them live their lives more effectively. To develop their leadership skills, Marsilians will go through the 5 Modules on the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership (a leadership development theory founded by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, 2006) throughout their 6 years in Marsiling. In the modules, Marsilians will learn, how as leaders, they can Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge a Process, Enable Others to Act and Encourage the Heart.

Through the VIA leadership and community projects, we hope that every Marsilian can learn to be an active contributor and a concerned citizen and eventually develop as leaders who can serve with their hearts, heads and hands. Through the learning and application of leadership skills, values and knowledge, we also hope that Marsilians will become more self-directed, confident, resilient and compassionate leaders of the future.
In our school, Marsilians will go through leadership training that focus on Personal Leadership, Peer Leadership and Service Leadership.

Our Student Leadership Development Framework

Our Student Leadership Development Framework.jpg

Personal Leadership
As a Marsilian in P1 to P6, you will learn and understand your role as leaders, discover your leadership strengths and values and learn to manage yourselves as leaders. In school, you can apply your leadership skills as situational leaders in your respective class committees where some of you will get to play the role of Class Monitors, Recycling Monitors, Safety Environment Officers and others.

Peer Leadership
In P3 and P4, you will learn about how you can become good role models to your peers by taking an active role in practising our school vision and values. You will also learn to become leaders who promote positive behaviour change in school. You will get to attend the leadership training workshops on Effective Communications and Problem-Based Learning. You will then apply your leadership skills in school-based projects such as the Pupil Suggestion Box, Do It Right! Programme, Think and Share and others.

For those of you who display exemplary leadership skills, you will be nominated by your teachers for the Key Leadership roles that include the Prefects, the NE Ambassadors, the Environment Champions and the CCA Leaders. After which, you will undergo Specific Skills Training pertaining to your area of duty.