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Mother Tongue Languages


Morally upright and confident students who can speak and write with a passion for the language and culture.


Provide an innovative and rigorous curriculum to support the differentiated learning needs of our students and challenge them to achieve their fullest potential.

Guiding Principles:

Every child can learn and the school seeks to maximize every child’s abilities and talents, instilling in them a curiosity and love for learning.

  1. Develop a structured programme where the four main components of acquiring the Language namely listening, reading, speaking and writing skills are imparted through department-designed learning packages, DI, FA and ICT.
  2. Generate and sustain students' interest in the Chinese Language through the provision of experiential learning and immersion of the Chinese cultural environments.
  3. Train and equip Chinese Language teachers to develop and enhance new and existing teaching methodologies.
  4. Partner stakeholders to enhance students' learning and parents' understanding of the current syllabuses and practices.