English Language

The Marsiling Experience aims to offer our students a broad range of learning experiences that will help them to discover their talents and interests. Here, we will highlight some pogrammes that our lower primary students will go through in their first two years with us.


Our P1 and P2 students participate in many English Language activities. One of them is the Choral Reading and Reader’s Theatre during EL Fiesta. Primary 1 students are involved in Choral Reading Competition while Primary 2 students are involved in Reader’s Theatre. We also conduct group activities and learning journey during our English lessons.

1. EL. Choral Reading 1 (3).jpg

P1 students performing during their Choral Reading Competition.
1. EL. Choral Reading 2 (3).jpg

Students from another P1 class performing to the audience in the library.
1. EL. Readers Theatre 1 (2).jpeg

P2 students performing their Readers’ Theatre in the library. 
1. EL. Readers Theatre 2 (3).jpg

Students from another P2 class performing to the audience in the library. 
Readers Theatre (2).jpg

The winning Readers Theatre class for P2

1. EL. Readers Theatre 3.jpeg

Students rehearsing for their Readers’ Theatre in class. 
1.EL. EL Activity 1.jpg

Students doing group work during English lessons. 
1.EL. EL Activity 3.jpg

Students getting involved in grammar games