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Tamil Language


Competent and confident students who can speak and write with a passion for the language and culture.


The Tamil Department strives to provide students with a platform to effectively learn the Tamil Language, and at the same time, develop our students into self-directed learners and active team players.


  • To provide a platform for students to have an in depth development and understanding of the language.
  • To cultivate the interest in reading.
  • To motivate students through engaged learning.


Show & Tell: Students will be developed to speak on a given topic in front of an audience.

10T Sigaram Programme: An MOE initiated ICT programme which promotes students’ reading, writing and oral skills in an interactive environment.

Holistic Assessment: Students are assessed and developed through a range of appropriate assessment modes with greater emphasis on skills acquisition and learning meaningfully.

Speech & Drama: Students learn about voice projection, articulation and speaking expressively as well build confidence through a systematic programme that prepares them for a stage performance.

Reading Journey: ICT-infused activities to support the students in their acquisition of the Chinese Language.

Conversational Malay Language: A structured programme that teaches students basic conversational Malay Language.

Public Speaking Workshop: A structured workshop that coaches students to speak effectively and confidently to an audience in a public setting.


  • 10T Lessons
  • Mother Tongue Fortnight
  • Speech & Drama
  • External Activities



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