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National Education (NE) and Social Studies


  • To foster a shared sense of nationhood in Marsilians.
  • Marsilians to be concerned citizens and active contributors in our multi-racial school community.


NE Commemorative Events
  • Total Defence Day (TDD)- Students to learn about the 5 pillars of Total Defence : Military, Civil, Social, Economic & Psychological.
  • International Friendship Day (IFD)- Students to learn more about other countries and the importance of friendship between Singapore and the world.
  • Racial Harmony Day (RHD)- Students to celebrate Singapore as a harmonious society built on a rich diversity of cultures and religions.
  • National Day (ND)- To instil a sense of pride and belonging to the nation.
Cultural Festivals As part of the CCE curriculum, every student is given the opportunity to experience through various activities that showcase the 4 ethnic races and cultures in Singapore. This aims to deepen their learning about each ethnic group in the hope that this will build social cohesion, acceptance and deep mutual respect for one another to build a stronger Singapore of tomorrow.
NE show P5 students will participate in the annual NE Show which is a preview for the National Day Parade. NE show is an inspiring experience for P5 students where they can look towards the future with hope and make a commitment towards the nation.
Social Studies (SS) Learning journeys To help deepen their understanding and application of their learning in Social Studies, all students are given the opportunity to go on experiential learning journeys to places such as:

P1: Peranakan Museum

P2: Gardens by the Bay

P3: Kampong Glam

P4: Civic District

P5: Ancient Civilization Museum

P6: Sungei Buloh

These platforms also create many opportunities for students to learn to work in teams and practice school values as they support each other in achieving shared goals in the activities designed for their cognitive and social emotional development.

Project Work (PW) To promote the development of 21st century skills and build the culture of COL (collaborative learning) and SDL (self-directed learning), the school creates opportunities for all students to be involved in interdisciplinary Project Work where they work in teams to do research and presentation on our heritage and culture. PW also serves to build students’ confidence in public speaking and presentation skills. We encourage every student to develop a growth mindset in believing in themselves as they persevere in their continuous journey to be effective leaders who are confident in communicating their ideas, self directed in their learning and committed to build positive peer relationships through respectful conversations.
Heritage Explorer Programme To raise students’ awareness and interest in local and community heritage, Heritage Explorer Programme is catered for all P3 students who are interested to be tasked to complete a variety of heritage-related activities.



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