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The Marsiling Primary School Science Department seeks to provide and shape a curricular framework that is leaner and community-centred to equip our students with knowledge in the sciences through quality teaching, training, programs and activities consistent with the school goals.


To provide a focal point of learning of the Primary Science by infusing process, thinking and IT skills.

Our Curriculum Programmes:

  • provide students with experiences which build on their interest in and stimulate their curiosity about their environment
  • provide students with basic scientific terms and concepts to help them understand themselves and the world around them
  • provide students with opportunities to develop skills, habits of mind and attitudes necessary for scientific inquiry
  • prepare students towards using scientific knowledge and methods in making personal decisions
  • help students appreciate how science influences people and the environment

Junior Science

(Primary 1 and 2)

Science Investigator @MPS (Term 1)

  • Hands on experiments
  • Behaving like a Scientist
  • Providing prior knowledge for content build up so as to support the learning of science in the upper levels.
  • Understanding of Process Skills (Observation + Classification )


Digital Environmentalist @MPS (Term 2)

  • Ecoliteracy lessons
  • Create awareness using ICT on the well-being of the environment focusing on animals → WWF Planet Defenders
  • Use of ICT to concretize learning experience through Creation, Communication, Collaboration, Presentation
  • Awareness of Global environmental issues
  • Platform to share their product during Science Week in T3


Explorer @MPS

(Term 3)

  • Experiential Learning through Learning Journey to Science Centre
  • Hands on activities linked to STELLAR
  • Linking prior knowledge/textbook knowledge(STELLAR) to experience and science concepts

Primary 2

Project Garden Guardians


The students care for plants and the environment that supports its growth. Being assigned as guardians of these plants, the pupils would be made responsible in caring for the plants and ensuring their survival.

Primary 3 to 5

Science Practical Assessment

Helps to increase pupils’ understanding in Process Skills through Practical assessment of process-skills.

Primary 3 to 6

UNSW Science Competition

The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) are independent diagnostic assessments with a competition element. Students are given opportunity to participate in this competition. This competition is conducted yearly for the Primary 3 – 6 pupils who are keen to challenge themselves further in their learning of Science.


S.U.P.E.R: Science Using Project work for Enquire & Research

A programme that develops students as investigators by enhancing students’ process skills.

It is the 6th E in Inquiry as it provides students an opportunity to extend their learning in the topic. Students use rubrics to guide them as they work towards improving their projects.


Science@Learning Garden

The students discover science and the natural environment through fun nature, engaging and hands-on gardening activities.


ICT in Science

Students are engaged in various ICT-based lessons. These lessons allow them to access information through the use of multimedia elements.

Students are able to use a discussion forum to sieve out misconceptions through concept cartoons and are able to measure physical quantities in experiments & investigations and observe & record data of specimens in experiments & investigations.

Science ICT Platforms

  • MC Online
  • Datalogger
  • Social Learning Wall
  • U.P.E.R
  • Lego investigation
  • Online tools
  • Science in Movies
  • Sunflower Science
  • Flip Classroom Self Learning

Science Beyond the Classroom:


All levels

Students are given opportunities to investigate on fun Science experiments beyond the Science curriculum during their recess.

Experiential Learning Journeys


Students are given opportunities to explore and learn science concepts in an authentic setting.  The learning journeys creates a deep and meaningful learning experiences for the students.


Primary 1 and 2

Science Centre


Primary 3

1) Woodlands Town Garden  

Marsiling Primary School has adopted the Woodlands Town Garden.

Students carry out their VIA by cleaning up the area around the pond and they share the importance of keeping our environment clean and pollution controls with their family and friends.

Students also learn to use the water testing kit to conduct tests for dissolved oxygen level, pH level & turbidity in water sample collected at various locations. They are able to test the quality of water in Singapore.

2) Singapore Zoological Gardens

The Singapore Zoo is well known for having the most beautiful wildlife park setting in the world and animals roam freely in their open and natural habitats. This allows the students to have a great learning experience to understand the animals at a deeper level through the well-designed and interactive educational displays.

Students are also given the opportunity to observe the characteristics of the different animal groups such as mammals, birds, fish and reptiles closely. They also learn to work as a team to complete their tasks cooperatively with one another.


Primary 4

Cleaning Trail

Science Centre


Primary 5

NEWater Scientist Programme

It is a multi-sensory and an interactive programme for students to understand Singapore’s water challenges and solutions to achieve water sustainability. It helps to increase their understanding and appreciation of science of water. The programme also gives students an opportunity to recognise that they can play an important role in helping Singapore to achieve water sustainability.


Primary 6

Sungei Buloh

Students will engage in an outdoor lesson to learn more about adaptation and diversity of organisms at a mangrove.


Primary 3 to 6

Sony Creative Science Award - Creative Toys Competition

This annual toy competition allows students’ creativity to blossom and gets their hands down to bring their amazing skills to life. Through this competition, students get to engage in exploratory and skilful play with the addition of science learning.

Primary 3 to 5

Engineering Science (STEM)

The programme  promotes the joy of learning through the development of critical thinking skills in P3 to P5 high performing students through a series of inquiry-based workshops and project-based facilitation sessions.

It also exposes students and raise awareness of Science literacy and relevance to the world. It also promotes entrepreneurial dare via a platform showcasing Science knowledge, interest, innovation, creation and skills through national/interschool STEM-related competitions such as Amazing Science X Challenge and Singapore Amazing Machine.


Elementz Science

The Elementz Science Project Competition and Exhibition is an annual event organized by Anderson secondary school. Students are given opportunity to showcase their research projects and attend Science workshops.

Primary 6

Pet Rocket

Pupils have an opportunity to design, construct and launch a rocket using recycled materials. The PET Rocket®, which the pupils work in pairs to construct, is compressed with air and water. The rockets are released in an upward direction and pupils use this tool to learn many concepts about motion, forces and energy.